What is THAT noise?!?!?!

April 24, 2017

Oh no!  Your car started making a noise!

Sometimes when things go wrong with your vehicle, it will probably try to let you know.  A light can come on the dash, it can start running funny, or start making sounds.  We know what our vehicle normally sounds like, and when a new sound is heard, we may go into a slight panic!  When your vehicle starts making an unusual noise, it’s probably best to have it checked.  When you call in to schedule your appointment, we will ask you what is going on with your vehicle.  The better you can describe the issue, the faster we can narrow down the issue, and ultimately, diagnose it.

How do you let us know what’s going on?

Knowing how to describe the sound your vehicle is making can be difficult.  You may ask yourself “is that a rumbling sound, or probably a roar?  A knock, or maybe a tap?”  Knowing the type of sound could ultimately be they key in diagnosing the issue.  Tell us as much as possible, because we would rather have too much information than not enough.  Even if you aren’t certain, let us know.  We are fine with hearing “It seems like it’s doing…” ,”It almost seems like it started while…”, or “It probably happened because…”.   Most words that come to mind to describe a noise can be similar, so it may be hard to narrow it down.  Even if you are not sure what the noise is or how to describe it, let us know.  Because the noises can be very similar,  we have listed common noises and also a description of the noise.

Commons Noises and What They Sound Like

BOOM- a sound like a drum roll or distant thunder

BUZZ- a low-pitched sound, like a bee

CHATTER- rapidly repeating metallic sound

CHIRP- high-pitched, rapidly repeating sound, like a chirping bird

CLICK- a light sound, like a ballpoint pen being clicked

CLUNK- a metal-to-metal sound, like a hammer striking steel

GRIND- an abrasive sound, like a grinding stone

HISS- like air escaping from a balloon

HUM- like a wire humming in the wind

KNOCK- like a knock on the door

RATTLE- a sound like marbles rolling around in a can

ROAR– deep, prolonged sound like high winds or ocean waves

RUMBLE- low, heavy, continuous sound, like thunder

SQUEAK- a sound like rubbing a clean window

SQUEAL- a high-pitched sound, like fingernails across a chalkboard

TAP- a crisp, dull sound, like tapping your finger on a table

WHINE- a high-pitched sound, like an electric motor or drill

WHISTLE- sharp, shrill sound like wind passing through a small opening