Tell us Where it Hurts!

April 25, 2017

The More Details…the Better!

When your vehicle starts acting up, it’s important to try to notice exactly what it’s doing and when.  Were you driving?  Turning?  Braking?  Idling?  The more details you can give us, the better!  If we know what to listen for and when to listen for it, it can help us quickly diagnose what the could be causing the issue, and ultimately, how to correct it.

Not sure what could be helpful?  NAPA AutoCare has provided us with a Vehicle Symptom Questionnaire that walks you through what could be important for us to know, which can ultimately help with a diagnosis.  Not sure if something will be helpful?  Tell us anyway!  If you noticed something that seems like it was there before, it could possibly be related.  We have pamphlets you can pick up in the shop (either to use now or put in your glove box for later!) or you can print out a PDF version here.  Just fill it out and bring it in with your vehicle.  Since life can be busy (even hectic at times!) it can be hard to remember the details of what your vehicle did, so this questionnaire and ultimately be very helpful.

The questionnaire makes it simple to give us the details we could potentially use when diagnosing your vehicle.  The questionnaire provides you with a list of sounds and a description of the sounds.  It asks the conditions (driving, idling, weather, etc), which could ultimately be very helpful in diagnosing.  The questionnaire also asks if you see any fluids or smoke.  We hope you take advantage of this helpful tool.  Hendershot’s Service Center appreciates you bringing your vehicle to us and want to help maintain it now and in the future!